My new drug of choice

February 5, 2007


Fax roulette, and other assorted updates

February 1, 2007

I believe our old uber all in one print/fax/copy machine exacted its revenge for kicking it to the curb by sabotaging our fax line.  In the days of its paper chewing tyranny, fax transmittal was never a problem.  Now that we have a new, innovative machine (okay we bought it used and it’s probably now considered “obsolete” by printer salespeople) our fax line is clogged with static making sending and receiving a vague maybe.  Sending our office a fax? Hope it wasn’t important…

 Yesterday I succumbed to the death by Taco Bell craving that I had been avoiding for months.  Was it glorious in its artery clogging, questionable ingredient wonder? Yes.  Did my intestines writhe in agony after its consumption?  Also yes.  It was worth it… I think.

 Still no news on the job front… meh…

I would like to work in an office building that has anti door-to-door solicitor features.  No, I don’t want to buy Mariner’s tickets.  No, I’m not interested in your made in Taiwan gizmo.  No, I’m not interested in hearing your promotional offer.  Bring in some questionable contraband… and maybe we’ll talk.

My creative juices are not flowing

January 25, 2007

I decided this would be a good ranting and general babbling venue… yeah I got nothing right now.

Current annoyances:

The company I work for is anti-updating company specific software to mesh with the ever evolving outside world.  Our company programs are now not functional with IE7, Windows Vista (which, in their defense, isn’t really out yet), or the new version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which used to make things just that more convenient.  Hooray.

As a part of my Jackie of All Trades position, I am in charge of my own payroll and my boss’ business taxes that are generated because of moi.  Nevermind I have no accounting type background.  Yay for step by step instructions and calculators.  Goal: avoid going to prison for unintentional tax fraud.

 Still no news on the new job.  My contact says she has to interview at least one more person, but HR is painfully slow in setting that up.  Yay HR.